Manhattan Surveying, PC


TKTS Times Square New York, NY—Client: David Shuldiner
Project Description: Axis lines and benchmarks for Design and Construction of Structural Glass Bleachers and Seating. Intricate layout of challenging architectural design for structural 2 inch thick glass panels. Worked closely with fabrication and installation to achieve extremely complex glass installation. Materials and fabrication design changes required constant monitoring for square, plumb, and accurate construction.

Trump Village (Riverside South) New York, NY—Client: Bovis Lend Lease
Project Description: Large development of residential condos and multi-use affordable housing. Complete infrastructure (roads, bridges and sidewalks). Difficult being built over the top of an active rail line. borings and surcharging of soil to achieve target overburden.  Studies and controls for geotechnical requirements.  Platting and initial photogrametry topometrics for future street development and design. Subsequent to design phases we were involved with the construction of the buildings in this large development.

AOL Time Warner New York, NY—Client: Bovis Lend Lease
Project Description: Provided initial existing conditions for foundation to remain, determination of foundation locations to axis lines, 2 crews on site. New construction of two 80 story towers on existing foundation.  Provided ground up survey controls, axis lines, bench marks, and construction monitoring (construction engineering services).

IAC Headquarters New York, NY—Turner Construction

Project Description: Phase one involved verification of the placement of the superstructure concrete. Verification of edge of the concrete slab needed to be verified for curtain wall installation. Phase two of our involvement required layout and construction engineering services for intricate glass curtain wall system.  Our 3-D design was followed throughout the construction process and carried through in layout references for the curtain wall construction.

Citi Field Queens, NY—Hunt Construction Group
Project Description:  Construction engineering services for initial layout, foundation, excavation, and construction of the New York Mets 53,000 seat baseball stadium. Provided 3-D renderings. Verification of structural steel erection was a key component of this project. Installations and grading for subsurface field drainage in with challenging environmental conditions. Monitoring of 57-foot diameter suspended rotunda for structural load deviation.

Barclays Arena Brooklyn, NY—Hunt Construction Group
Project Description: New Basketball Arena for the New Jersey Nets. We provided construction engineering services for initial layout, foundation, excavation, and construction of the 900 billion dollar arena. We were also responsible for verifying and monitoring structural steel erection.